Saturday, November 30, 2013

A little bit of Victoria Secret savings...

I thought I'd start sharing some of my recent purchases as well as the savings and deals I got on them. My birthday is in November so I received an email from Victoria's Secret for $10.00 of any purchase of $10.00 or more which is always great, right?! 

PINK Lace Bralette
So I browsed around their website for a while and came across the PINK Lace Bralette for $24.50. I decided to go with black because I just wanted something basic. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Some are embellished with "bling" details for an additional cost. So the total cost of this purchase was originally $24.50, I used my $10.00 credit and that brought the cost down to $14.50. I also used a promo code for free shipping with the purchase of a bra. I also used an additional promo code for an extra Secret Reward card in additional to the one that was already automatically coming with my order. For those of you that don't know what the Secret Reward card is, it is basically a store credit for an unknown amount in-between $10 to $500 in store credit. So I paid $16.22 which I had in my paypal account from taking surveys on a website at no cost and received two Secret reward cards worth at least $20.00. Pretty good deal right? 

PINK Lace Shoulder Raglan Tee
So for my next purchase I had received another $10.00 credit in the mail addressed to a previous renter at my apartment for their birthday. Which just happened to come in handy lol! So I decided to go buy the PINK store in the mall by my house and fell in love with the PINK Lace Shoulder Raglan Tee in the color mint which was priced at $24.50. A PINK purchase also included a free mini PINK iridescent dog with any PINK purchase so I also picked up one of those cuties as well! With this purchase I also received another Secret Reward Card for at least a $10.00 value. So I paid $24.50 minus the $10.00 birthday credit making my purchase $14.50 plus a $10.00 credit on a future purchase! Sweet deals!
PINK iridescent mini dog
This is just a start, I'll keep you guys updated with any future purchases as well =)


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